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About Us:

Since 1991, Ritello Distribution has provided to countless individuals, innovative products like the Ritello to improve indoor environments. Ritello Distribution is the only manufacturers authorized sales, service and training center for the greater DFW area for the Ritello product line. Ritello Distribution is commited to providing business opportunity and an unprecedented high level of customer satisfaction.


The Power of Water

Have you ever noticed how clean and fresh it smells after it rains? Wouldn't it be nice to have that same fresh air in your home everyday?

Image by Einar H. Reynis

Wet Dust Doesn't Fly

Have you ever driven down a dirt road on a dry day and saw a cloud of dust behind you? How about the same road after a nice rain? 

The dust is gone!


Mapping the World

We are allergy and asthma friendly, doctor recommended AND certified as a CLASS I medical device for your home. Ritello is sold in over 45 countries worldwide.

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